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Heat-scanner covid-19 detection

This hardware-software complex provides remote temperature measurements within human flows and allows detecting hyperthermal objects (thus allowing quick implementation of quarantine and counterepidemic measures). The system is based on the well-proven VLM384 mass-production module ensuring outstanding sensitivity, which has been upgraded to perform robustly under pandemic circumstances: viruses, fevers and so on.

With its higher precision (±0.1°С with blackbody calibration) this thermal Imaging complex outperforms competition
(other manufacturers typically provide ±0.3 — 0.5°С). This is made possible due to the modern thermograph with NETD sensitivity of not worse than 30 mK (whilst competitors typically provide 40 — 50 mK at their best), advanced circuit design and data processing algorithms, and highly skilled team of professional developers.
High frame frequency of the thermograph allows for a real-time mode operation. High overall performance of the system makes it an optimal solution for monitoring the massive crowds in places like airports, train stations, seaports, hospitals, schools and universities, congress-halls and shopping malls. The installation scheme of the system allows avoiding crowding or queueing people.

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